Are there Money Changers and ATMs in Krui?

There are now several ATMs in the Krui area that accept Visa and Mastercard ATM cards. Money changers are NOT available but you can change money in Bandar Lampung, Jakarta, or Bali. Our Drivers will stop at a Money Changer or an ATM on the way to Krui if you need to get some Cash or pick up a local SIM card.

Krui Surf Camp provides 3 all-you-can-eat meals a day with your package, you will only have to pay for drinks, and any snacks you get outside the camp. There are lots of minimarkets and local shops around for munchies.

Local transport is NOT included in packages unless previously agreed upon so you will need cash for bike or car rentals

ALL bills must be paid before leaving and remember that prices for outside services should be agreed upon before using them. If there is a language barrier, writing out the totals is a good idea.

How Can I Get Around?

Krui Surf Camp can assist you with minivan or motorbike Rental once you are here. Motorbikes are Rp 65,000 a day and the cars are Rp. 650,000 a day, including fuel and driver. Guides are extra but the drivers all know the spots up and down the coast and will be happy to look after your gear while you are in the water.

What are the Waves Like?

The waves along the west coast fall into every imaginable category. There are more than 100 waves in 100 kilometer of the west coast. From long mellow point breaks to fast hollow barrels, heavy beachies, big slabs, rivermouth sandbanks and LOTS of coral Reef! The West Coast of Lampung offers something for everyone; There are plenty of spots for the hard-charging experts as well as smaller mellow waves for groms and beginners. We are happy to advise on the best spots to fit your personal needs.

What Should I bring?

All your surfing gear, boards, wax, rashy, towel, leggys, booties, extra fins etc. You do NOT need ding repair kits: There are several local ding repair shops that can fix any and all damage to fibreglass & epoxy boards. They do a great job at very reasonable prices.

Bring a decent First aid kit and any personal medications. We have some basic medical gear and mozzie repellant. Bring lots of your favorite SUNBLOCK.

You might want your ipod, books, long sleeve shirt & long pants, a good hat for sun protection, fishing & snorkeling gear, phone chargers, power adaptor (local power is 220v through round 2 pin style sockets).

An adventurous attitude will help you get the most out of your stay.


You MUST have at least 6 months validity before the expiration date on your passport or you may be refused entry.

Most nationalities are issued with a free 30 day visa on arrival.

A 60 day tourist visa can be applied for before arriving in Indonesia. Please check with your nearest Indonesian embassy/consulate.

Ensure your flight out of Indonesia leaves before your visa ends, your arrival date is considered your first day regardless of the time of day or night you arrive.

Penalties for overstay are about $20 usd a day, better to avoid the hassle.

Some types of Visas can be extended 4 hours away from Krui, in the Kotabumi Immigraton Office but the process is a bit of a headache and costs a lot more (about $120 usd) than in Bali ($30 usd)

Better to check on line for the right Visa for your planned stay in Indo.

What are the locals like?

The Lampung locals, like most Indonesians are very friendly and welcoming of guests as long as we remember to respect them. Predominantly Muslim, they are still very traditional in some ways, but in no way radical. Islam teaches Body Modesty, so riding around with no shirt on is considered inappropriate.

To respect local traditions, when outside the Camp you should dress modestly. Men should wear a shirt and Ladies should cover their shoulders and thighs, a loose shirt and sarong is perfect for a trip to the market. A bikini is definitely not culturally appropriate in public areas.

Like anywhere in Indonesia keep an eye on your gear when outside the camp. Always be respectful and remember a big smile and friendly attitude quickly breaks down any language and cultural barriers.

Alcohol and Islam

Alcohol is considered “haram” or forbidden in Islam. It is not a part of everyday life in Lampung. We provide cold beer but Hard Alcohol is not sold: bringing a bottle of your favorite spirits is not a problem. Drinking in Public is inappropriate.

Over-indulgence and public drunkenness are not encouraged. If you want to tie one on, please stay in the camp. We love to party too, but keep the vibe relaxed.

Is Malaria a Serious Problem?

Malaria is found Everywhere in the world’s tropical climates It is not a serious threat in the Krui area, and many people choose not to use malarial medications for the simple reason that they recommend “avoiding direct sunlight while taking this medication.”

Curiously, the side effects of some malarial medicines are malaria symptoms. This is very rare.

If you keep yourself fit, eat right, and don’t forget to drink plenty of water, your immune system can actually overcome most tropical illnesses.

Cover up at dusk and dawn, wear repellent, and use the mosquito nets provided.

For other healthcare issues check online and/or consult with your doctor as to what medications you will need for your holiday in Indonesia.

What are the Local Medical Facilities?

Local doctors are available but modern hospitals are up to 6 hours away. A well-equipped first aid kit is always good idea when travelling. The most common problem is Reef Rash, small cuts, local infections and “itchy undercarriage” from wet shorts. There are small shops, mini markets and local Apotek/pharmacies that carry plenty of over-the-counter antibiotics, creams, powders and other necessities. But Sunblock is Not commonly sold.


We will do our best to help you avoid problems and get you fixed up if we can, but we won’t assume any financial responsibility should you get into serious trouble.

Will the Surf be Crowded?

The Krui Area has become a popular destination in the past decade, so like anywhere in Indonesia during the peak season—June through September, it can become busy. A friendly attitude and mellow vibe always helps in the water.

Sumatra is a world away from the chaos found in places like Bali, Lombok or Sumbawa. With so much varied coastline and good surf, it is still quite possible to get great waves without anyone out, just you and your mates!

What about Telecommunications and Internet?

Sumatra has joined the modern world. We have fiber-optic internet connection and 24 hour Wi-fi at the camp; the local telecoms system works quite well. A local SIM card and Internet Data pack costs less than $10 and can last for weeks depending on your use. TELKOMSEL has the best coverage and rates for the West Coast Area. You can pick up a card just about anywhere in Indo.

Are there Gift Shops for Souvenirs?

Yes, krui has some local handicrafts and traditional art to bring home. Just ask at the camp and we will help find what you are after.