Welcome to Krui Surf Camp! Hotel Mutiara Alam Zandino has more than 20 years experience hosting visitors to the West Coast of Lampung. From our early days in the late 90s up to the present we have helped thousands of visitors discover the Best of the Wild, Wild West; from the white sand beaches and epic waves along the coast to jungle treks and waterfall tours, we know our way around the area like no one else. We are a family run business and we live here year round and always maintain strong ties with the communities up and down the coast. You will be a part of our family and we will help you get the waves you are after and help you explore the inland attractions, in comfort and safety. OUR BUSINESS IS YOUR PLEASURE!

For the 2018 season we are offering 6 brand new double fan-cooled rooms with en suite western bathrooms a cozy terrace to relax on, a treehouse lookout over the sea, and as always, lots of great healthy food and there's always a cold Bintang or Soda waiting. We are strategically located 3 kilometers south of Krui and have 3 waves right out front: Slingshots, The Peak, and LeftOvers aka "the Glory Hole." We are 1 km from the Krui Keyhole and Krui Left and another half km down the beach is Krui Right. We are an equal distance from the bigger rights and lefts to the north and south and our experience with the wave condition will help guide you in the right direction regardless of swell, wind, and tide conditions.


We offer round trip airport transfers to and from Bandar Lampung Airport (Airport code TKG). All our cars are air conditioned and we always use trusted drivers who know the roads, and the best places to stop for scenic photos, a bathroom break and quick healthy meal. We also provide an onboard ice chest full of cold Beer and soda so you can enjoy the 6 hour ride in comfort, safety, and style.

Once you are at home in Krui we provide motorcycle rental for the adventurous or we can hook you up with a daily rental car to take you to any of the waves up or down the coast. Our drivers know the roads and the waves, and will make sure you and all your gear are safe and sound, and that there are plenty of cold drinks waiting for you in a shady spot on the beach. Your host and our local surf guides are always stoked to spend time shooting photos and video, and will often join you on the day trips.

Don't be surprised to have a hot meal waiting after an early morning surf, a hot cup of coffee or tea or just some water and snacks. we focus on comfort and convenience and sometimes when the waves are pumping somewhere down the road we will set up a picnic feast for you to enjoy while amping up for your next session.

We have 20 years experience here on the west coast and always try to keep you well fed, and in the water as much as possible without having to do to much driving. You Come to Surf great waves and we always give you advice on places to go, what to see, where to get a good meal or a cold beer, where to park bikes safely and who to ask for help: and our phone is always on so if you have any problems. we are ready to help!



We have 6 brand new fan-cooled rooms with 2 extra wide single beds and a mosquito net; a board rack and clothes hanger, shelves and a desk provide plenty of space to stash your gear. All the new rooms offer western-style private bathrooms. The house rooms are homestay style with several shared bathrooms and many of our repeat customer insist on staying close to where the action is On our wooden framed terrace where all meals are shared and many a late night has been spent.

We have several outdoor showers for a quick rinse after a surf or a hot ride. We always think of your comfort and try our best to offer you what you need before you have to ask.

Our treehouse perched above the tideline serves as an observation platform, looking out on the waves, and is a favorite for chilling out, reading, tking photos, and yoga practice.

Our 24 hour security crew will always be around to look after your boards and bikes, and any stuff left out overnight will be put safely into the house, or the board bunker in our garage. All guest are always welcome to enjoy the classic Sumatran architecture, natural history artifacts, traditional handicrafts and lending Library inside the main house.

We can also provide an extra bed for any guests wishing to share with a friend.


3 fresh healthy meals are provided daily: breakfast, lunch and dinner are all included in the package price as well as unlimited drinking water, coffee and tea. An ice chest is always right where you need it there on the porch, and our "honor roll" is posted on the wall for your convenience.

All our meals are ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFET STYLE. Lunch and dinner always consist of a variety of protein sources, fish, octopus and other seafood are the mainstay, always the Freshest catch of the day. we serve lots of crisp tempeh and tofu, and every meal includes a surplus of fresh cooked veggies, raw veggies and salad, and there is always some proper homemade chili sauce on the table to dazzle your tastebuds.

We also offer some crunchy munchies during "happy hour" as an appetizer.

We are more than happy to provide suitable fare for any vegetarian or vegan guests and provide special menus upon request. just let us know what YOU want and we will make sure you get your fill.


Krui is smack in the middle of 100 kilometers of epic coastline. There are so many waves north and south of the Krui Surf Camp camp it's a surfer's dream, There are 100 waves and only a dozen or so have names. We can get you to the spots that offer the type of waves you are after, Beachies, left and right hand point, heavy slabs, insane reef passes and rivermouth peaks. no one knows the coast like we do,

Some of the "Big Name" waves close to Krui are Krui Left and Right, The Krui keyhole, Slingshots, The Peak, Leftovers, The Perfect Left and Seb's Hole.

Down south is Mandiri Beach, without a doubt one of the world's best and most consistent beachies comparable to Hossegor in quality and size It's due south exposure means it takes almost all swells, it is rarely flat and always packs a punch. The waves come from deep water, breaking onto shallow sand banks, providing us with crisp, hollow walls. Expect to get flogged.

A few minutes south of Mandiri is the well known left point no known as UJUNG BOCOR, with some fast reeling barrels followed by a long easyshoulder that just goes on and on. We originally named this spot "Milkmans" for its user friendly lines. It also gets HUGE and packs a punch. avoid the inside corner full of craggy reef unlesw you want to be flayed.

another few minutes south is the SUMATRAN PIPELINE, the village of Way Jambu. this wave is a heavy barrel all the way through and breaks right on the shelf so getting rolled on a big one is pretty traumatic.


What we refer to as the early season runs from Feb - April. There is still monsoon weather coming off the Antartic Summer-Fall and that creates the storms that bring rain, and wind to all of southeast Asia. It is different every year and is heavily affected by the El Nino--La Nina cycle. Nothing is sure. There is always swell in the Indian ocean but the monsoon winds make it hard to predict...even after almost nearly 21 years on the coast i KNOW very well the weather is different every year.

If you want to avoid the crowds and can't make it during the dry season this is the time to come. There are spots that work on the west wind too.


Krui has a very reliable high season which builds from May and goes on through September: this is the dry season for Indonesia and the winds blow from the south, making almost all the waves in the area Offshore, all day, every day for months. it's hot, and dry. the swells are biggest from June through August and that bring the heaviest crowds. like everywhere, the krui weather depends on the El Nino La Nina cycle. Some years it is hazy, some years it rains a lot, but the wind mainly blows Offshore. This is the most consistent time of the year for big swell with weather systems off of West Australia pushing swells up from the south; The occasional cyclone hitting India and Sri Lanka send us WEST swell turning all the breaks on, including the more sheltered waves in the Krui basin.

The coastline of Sumatra is so rugged and varied, there's always somewhere surf. When the larger swells push in there are lots of smaller waves that turn on, so you are sure to get your fill. There are several spots that handle 10 foot plus swell, and this is a big draw for those who have the desire to test their skills to the extreme.


Based on 2 decades experience it is a certainty that the winds will come sooner or later, any time between October and December the West Monsoon starts to track across the indian ocean, bringing lots of rain, and unfortunately Wind... heavy onshore winds will blow for weeks at a time making these the slowest months; but some of the best waves and least crowds can be found during these late season months as the appears to set further and further south. Some of our worst weather and also some of the most scenic sunsets occur between October and March.